Kyouko Sonan
Biographical Information
Kanji 楚南恭子
Age 23
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yōko Hikasa
English Emily Neves

Kyouko is a busty member of Beauty Salon PRINCE and has to find and come in contact with possible Factor candidates and test their power and skills. She gives up her body and breasts to Kouichi to fuel daimidaler.


She is a modest, determined girl who is always ready to take on the Penguin Empire . She begins to develop feelings for Kouichi in episode 5. She hates the penguin empire enough to let her boobs be seen and felt up by Kouichi. Over time and episodes she minds less about Kouichi fondling her. In the second episode she adjusts her bra to cover her breasts as soon as the battle is over with, while in later episodes and the first OVA she accepts cosplay, she tries on a lingerie "battle suit" and also finds herself completely naked in front of him. In episode 3 she misses Kouichi when he does not feel her up so she flashes him and by the end she lets him do "anything" with her body.


It's revealed that two years ago, in front of her father who was one of the representatives for peaceful negotiation, the penguin empire did a tail dick dance in public, traumatizing her father, getting him hospitalized.

Character OutlineEdit

When she discovers Kōichi possesses Hi-ERo particles, she recruits him to join her in her battle against the Penguin Empire. She has great hate for the Penguin Empire because her father was traumatized by them when they first arrived on Earth. She dislikes having Kōichi grope her breasts to release his Hi-ERo particles but it is hinted that she has begun to develop feelings for him. During a battle against one of the Penguin Empire's strongest robot, Kōichi is presumably killed in action while protecting Kyōko. In episode 8, she is accidentally found by Kiriko and Shōma in a medical room recovering from said battle. She later reawakens after "hearing" Koichi's voice and launches Daimidaler's severed left arm to the battlefield which resonated with Koichi's Hi-ERo particles allowing him to return to his world.

Trivia Edit

Kyouko's body measurements are B95-W54-H86 cm

In Kenzen Robo Daimidaler OGS manga, Kyouko was captured by the Penguins and got penetrated one after another from unsuccessfully deceiving them about her breast size.

It is revealed in the first OVA for the anime that Sonan Kyouko's right breast is her larger one.

She finds out her left breast is smaller because Kouichi told her during practice when he tried out wrapping his palms around them.

She has a plain white wired bra with buckles in the show which unlike Chieko Kakazu's purple bra and Moriko Tomoyose's red and black bra is the only worn bra in the show without a pattern on it.

In the manga her bra is blue and owned by Kouichi.

Kyouko wears over 4 different outfits during the 12 episodes. Her main outfits include 1- her regular suit with tie 2- A white shirt and nothing else 3- Koichi's lingerie battle suit and 4- a tight purple blouse with black leggings.

Kyouko's breasts are the same size as Chieko's but the weight and feeling are different according to Koichi who felt both.

Kouichi prefers Chieko Kakazu's breasts more that Kyouko's which leads her to become jealous of her

In the manga Kyouko would call Koichi a "Leacher" which is never said in the anime.

In the manga Kyouko tells Kouichi that she would kill him if he did not have his power.

Her panties match her bra.

She has purple eyes.

She likes Kouichi's "bad boy attitude"

She offered to teach Kouichi when he was behind in school but Kouichi prefered to "learn the in's and out's of daimidaler and (Kyouko's) sweater pigs"

In episode 1 she wears a pink skin-tight uniform for the first few seconds but after Koichi starts to become the pilot she wears her usual clothes for easy access to her breasts

She moans when she gets squeezed in the first OVA

It is revealed in episode 11 that Kouichi was going to grab her butt/"ass" for "variety" and it is unknown if he ever did but we do know from the manga that he grabbed her thighs.(Dub)

She is glad that her father does not know what her job is because she shows a 17-year old her "melons" in episode 3.

She is very fond of her breasts calling them "beautiful" on more than one occasion.



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